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Student Kim Chalbeck said on May 23, 2013 11:26 PM We have been taking Qi Gong and/or Tai Chi classes from Shaman Sierra since October 2012 and cannot recommend him highly enough as an instructor. Shaman always gives his class 200% and is very patient with those in the class who do not readily understand whatever moves he is teaching.

It is obvious he loves to share the art and benefits of Tai Chi (or whatever form he is teaching) and shares history and philosophy of each art so that the students better understand the importance of the form and the reason for practicing the art as well as providing advice on healthy eating and other good habits to enhance your well-being. He teaches at whatever level the slowest of the class is at, allowing those who are least advanced to get more personal attention while, at the same time, giving those who are somewhat more advanced, additional practice to reinforce what they have learned.

Shaman is the embodiment of a ‘good example’ in that he is 61 years old and demonstrates fitness, agility, balance and strength as a possibility for all senior citizens. He exhibits humor and self-humility in his classes and it is always so uplifting when the class has done well and he tells us how proud he is of our progress. In short, Shaman is an excellent teacher and it is our intention to continue taking classes from him for as long as we can.Kim and Mike Chalbeck Dallas, GA(Members of West Cobb Senior Center)


 Recently, I had a PET scan. This is an imaging device shaped like a "doughnut" that you lay still with arms over your head for 20 minutes. Needless to say this is not the most comfortable experience. To get through it, I used some Tai Chi techniques taught by Master Shaman - I relaxed prior to the proceedure using "The easy horse stance." And during the proceedure I keeped my mind focussed by visualizing the Tai Chi forms. I view Shaman's teaching style to be very caring, patient and ,above all, compassionate. He has constantly stressed the benefits of Tai Chi, both physical and emotional. Shaman has always taken the time to explain the history of the Tai Chi forms and the proper way to perform each move, always stressing safety and well being. He always has time for questions and for individual instruction, when needed. I have been a certified instructor myself for many years and thus recognize an excellent instructor when I see one - and Master Shaman is an excellent instructor. I consider myself very lucky to be a student of Master Shaman and I look forward to many more classes.

Don Thomas - Marietta, GA


"I am a student of Shaman's Tai Chi class at the West Cobb Senior Center.

Shaman is a dedicated and talented teacher, is very knowledgeable in the art

of Tai Chi and believes in the goals of Tai Chi. He communicates that belief

to his students.

The slow, gentle and graceful movements make Tai Chi an easy form of

exercise, especially for seniors of all ages. It can be done in a group or alone

at your own relaxed pace. The mental and physical benefits from the practice

of Tai Chi are amazing. I have experienced this just during the short time

I have been taking Tai Chi lessons.

I hope Shaman will continue to teach at the Senior Center - I look forward

to his classes".


Dear Master Shaman.

I just want to express my appreciation for your patience and commitment during our Tai Chi classes. I am an exercise and swim teacher and I know the struggles of an instructor wanting to provide the best instruction to meet the needs of everyone in the class. You do a superb job!

I hope to be able to continue learning from you for many years to come. My deepest gratitude.

- Jamie Brown

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