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Master Shaman teaches: Yang style Tai Chi, Nei Gong, Qi Gong, Zhan Zhuang,, Push Hands, Silk Reeling,, Applications, and Taoist Meditation.

He has been practicing Tai Chi for 45 years and teaching for 35 years . He began practicing in 1975 at the age of 25 in NYC with the late Grandmaster C.K. Chu and has taught Tai Chi in New York, California, Australia, Atlanta and Colorado.

Master Shaman's other interests are eclectic and include:

The 'I Ching' (Book Of Changes), Divination,Tibetan Dream Yoga, Hatha Yoga, ayurveda, Chinese herbology, altered states of consciousness, environmentalism, sociology, mysticism, Greek mythology, cultural anthroplology, theosophy, quantum physics, cosmology, comparative religion, Western philosophy, Vedanta, kalachakra, shamanism, Eastern philosophy, transpersonal psychology, New Age, world mythologies, lucid dreams, feng shui, remote viewing, integral politics, mantras, ancient mysteries, classical literature, astronomy, wildlife, political science, chess, paranormal, travel...

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