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The basic idea of the I Ching is that as you are going through a human life you are cycling through sixty-four dynamic, energetic “situations” which are represented by the sixty-four hexagrams. Each of the hexagrams has a classic archetypal and extremely familiar aspect—-a time to summon your will to overcome a difficult obstruction, a time to just chill out and let things come to you, a time to be in community with others, a time to be in solitary contemplation, etc. The dynamic, energetic pattern of the hexagram will apply to psychological/spiritual dynamics (intrapsychic) and/or environmental dynamics, especially personal or political relationships (interpersonal).

The I Ching recognizes the parallelism of inner and outer, and hexagrams often apply on multiple levels. For example, we might go to the I Ching to ask about a problem in a romantic relationship. But a problem in a romantic relationship almost always reflects where we are inwardly, and probably has as much to do with our spirituality as our sexuality and attitude toward relationships. The I Ching transcends the often arbitrary distinctions of inner and outer and recognizes the “massively parallel” nature of human incarnation. - J. Zap