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  Qigong/Neigong  develops internal power and structure and a well-conditioned body through simple techniques that build and store Chi. The body becomes open and relaxed. The joints are strengthened, the muscles, tendons and ligaments become soft and strong, and the bones and bone marrow become strong and healthy.

       During his 30 years of experience with Taoist, Zen, and vipassana (mindfulness) meditation, master Shaman has integrated these Eastern meditation practices into an easy yet powerful technique that produces positive results within a couple of weeks of daily practice.
He includes Taoist self-massage at the end of every meditation session which helps to cultivate, free up and circulate internal healing energy. The Taoist self-massage is a 5 minute routine the student learns in the first class and can do at home after every meditation session.


The basic idea of the I Ching is that as you are going through a human life you are cycling through sixty-four dynamic, energetic “situations” which are represented by the sixty-four hexagrams. Each of the hexagrams has a classic archetypal and extremely familiar aspect—-a time to summon your will to overcome a difficult obstruction, a time to just chill out and let things come to you, a time to be in community with others, a time to be in solitary contemplation, etc. The dynamic, energetic pattern of the hexagram will apply to psychological/spiritual dynamics (intrapsychic) and/or environmental dynamics, especially personal or political relationships (interpersonal).

The I Ching recognizes the parallelism of inner and outer, and hexagrams often apply on multiple levels. For example, we might go to the I Ching to ask about a problem in a romantic relationship. But a problem in a romantic relationship almost always reflects where we are inwardly, and probably has as much to do with our spirituality as our sexuality and attitude toward relationships. The I Ching transcends the often arbitrary distinctions of inner and outer and recognizes the “massively parallel” nature of human incarnation. - J. Zap

One can ask any question on any subject - health,  finance, career, relationships, etc. -  and the oracle will provide guidance, advice and clarify the best path to follow. Unlike tarot cards and runes, the I Ching does not foretell the definite future but explains what the possibilities are and what the best course of action is  in order to achieve the best results regarding the inquiring person's question.
The I Ching empowers the individual. The questioner  has power over his/her own future.  Human beings shape their own destinies; the I Ching  gives you the 'lay-of-the-land' so you may make your own decisions and navigate your life situation with clarity.

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